Cancer adjuvant & chemo prevention

Chemoprevention – The Answer to Cancer prevention?
What is chemoprevention and how does it work?

Chemoprevention is the attempt to use natural and synthetic compounds to intervene in the early stages of cancer, before invasive disease begins. This strategy is involved in the process of carcinogenesis — the transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell.

Chemopreventive agents can act in two ways: they can prevent or stop genetic mutations that lead to cancer, and they can prevent or stop processes that lead to excessive replication of damaged cells.

Chemoprevention should not be confused with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy’s aim is to kill cells, particularly cancer cells, in the hope of preventing further cancer progression. Chemoprevention, on the other hand, involves administering nontoxic agents to otherwise healthy individuals who may be at increased risk for cancer.

Chemoprevention research is necessarily linked to diet and cancer research and represents a logical research progression. Dietary epidemiologic studies have provided initial leads for the identification of numerous naturally occurring candidate chemopreventive agents. Promising chemopreventive agents being investigated include micronutrients & phytochemicals.

Effective general chemopreventive agents must have multi-pronged anti cancer intervention path (i.e. able to simultaneously attack the various stages of cancer formation) and have a wide spectrum anti cancer targets (i.e. work on a wide range of cancer types).

Mushrooms (Fungus) are source of potent natural based Chemopreventive Agents. They have immune system enhancement properties, they are anti tumor agents, they are currently used as adjuncts to cancer treatments in Japan, Russia, China, & U.S.A.


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